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Gift Wrapped House
Gift Wrapped House

The “Bayit Chadash” Project is a project we have been involved in for many years.

It has been all about assisting orphans who have no financial means, to be able to start their homes in dignity! In the past we have even offered financial donations on a smaller scale (where terms and conditions applied), but our main goal was in assisting couples to begin their homes with the brand new items that every married couple is deserving of. Items included brand new cutlery, crockery, linen, tableware and even brand new beds! As our Happy Couples Page testifies – we have helped numerous couples – and even more than those shown on the page.

We had hoped to expand, by offering a variety of brand new furniture and main appliances such as fridges, ovens and stoves as well as washing machines – the basics that every home needs.

To those who value the beauty of a Jewish home, we have provided those homes with a basic library of Torah books – all brand new and in keeping with the glory of beautifying one’s home (and soul) with appropriate Torah literature.

Our project is currently on-hold. We have not been able to set up an appropriate non-profit organisation to take care of the necessary expenses. We believe our project is unique – and can still become something and we hope that somewhere – we will find donors willing to back us up further. It was a project very close to us – knowing well the difficulties of marrying with practically no outside resources ourselves – and our wedding including an orphan as well. We had put in years to get this project up and running, but the expenses – mostly outlaid by ourselves – where tremendous. The time to run the project was also tremendous.

Today – we are concentrating our efforts on our Bridal Gown Rental service. Gowns are offered at a very special rate to everybody who comes through – as well as to the orphans who stand to gain the most!

Naturally – should donors want to still support us and help to get our project back on its feet again – we are always here waiting to hear from you. Below you will find more about how our project has worked in the past and how we worked – and hope it will excite you to become a donor in the future.

Those donating brand new items will be making the greatest donation of all as we are able to simply have these items ready for the couple-in-need immediately! Cash donations (which can be done on our page through any of the Paypal buttons) will mostly be used for the purposes of purchasing further items. Items can be brought to us directly.


  • When a person comes to the Beit Din Shel Maalah (the court in the World to Come,) they will ask him, “Did you occupy yourself in marrying off an orphan boy or an orphan girl?” (Maharsha Shabbat 31.)
  • An orphan girl should be given a dowry to begin her married life and for an orphan boy, we should rent him an apartment, furnish it with beds and the necessary appliances to begin his home, prior to covering the wedding expenses. (Kesubos 67 a/b)
  • An orphan is regarded as someone who has lost either father or mother or both. (Rambam, Hilchos De’os 6:10)
  • We accord a kosher Sefer Torah with an additional amount of holiness and much honour. It is forbidden for a person to sell a Sefer Torah even if he doesn’t have anything to eat – and even if he has many holy books. Even to sell an old Sefer Torah in order to purchase a new Sefer Torah.

We may only sell a Sefer Torah for two things:

1. In order to be able to study Torah (with the money one obtains for it)
2. In order to marry off a woman with the money one obtains for it (if one has nothing else to sell). (Rambam Hilchos Sefer Torah 10:2)

It is better for a person to increase his “gifts to the poor” than to increase in his festive meal and his gift packages to his friends, because there is no greater and more beautiful happiness than gladdening the heart of poor people, orphans, widows and converts. One who gladdens the heart of these unfortunate ones is compared to the Divine Presence, for it says, “(but I am with the despondent and lowly of spirit,) to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of the despondent.” (Isaiah 57:15)

— The greatest charity is to bring a poor orphaned Kallah to the wedding canopy! (Shach)
For this is for the establishment of the world, and one becomes a partner with the Holy One blessed be He in the creation of the world – for He did not create it to remain empty, [He fashioned it to be inhabited].
~ Levush


  • Where no special mention is made regarding the purpose of the donation, donations will be used at the discretion of Reb Eliyahu.
  • To those donating items, please note: Many items we receive are not chosen immediately by our Chatanim and Kallot.
  • When we see the need to, your donated items will be sold through our Bayit Chadash Store and proceeds will be used to obtain items that the Chatanim and Kallot favour.
  • Donors give items knowing our policies and are welcome to call or discuss these points with us in further detail.
  • All our activities, including our Bayit Chadash Wedding Project, our Bayit Chadash Store and other activities are done with Rabbinical approval and guidance.
  • Donations will be given to a couple in need the most.


  • All items that we give to our couples are brand new.
  • We are unable to accept second hand items for a variety of reasons and hope that donors will understand our position.


  • First and foremost our project includes offering the best to those in need the most – giving in dignity.
  • Second to this, there can be a variety of problems due to appliances malfunctioning, being dangerous(!) having problems with Kashrut standards and a host of other issues that require further time and expenses to deal with.
  • Many kind donors offer small items towards our project asking us to collect them from a variety of areas all around Israel. While we try our best to collect them, we must make it clear – if costs of transport and time exceed the value of the item, we will be unable to collect the item. Should you still wish to donate it, please find some way to get it to us. Options include: post, a friend coming through, a bus ride (and you’ll also be able to see more about what we do!)

Bayit Chadash is not a regular Hachnasat Kallah fund.
Our goal is to help orphans and those who have no parental assistance.


Dear Rabbi Shear,

Thank you again for all the aid (financial and otherwise) your organization, Hessed ve-Emet, provided in helping a needy bride to get married recently, after we approached you for assistance. As you know, there is no permanent rental housing here in Israel and couples just starting out must often pay high rents (including municipal rates and utilities) for tiny flats and have to move from place to place when the owner wants the flat back, in addition to wondering whether they’ll ever have enough money to afford to buy a place of their own. These conditions can lead to constant financial stress which in turn affects Shalom Bayit and it becomes even more acute once children arrive on the scene. Any help which can be obtained to relieve this situation may be considered as a great mitsvah in establishing a true Jewish home. May your efforts in this regard be crowned with success.

— D & S.W (Maaleh Adumim)


Bayit Lepletot – Girls Town Jerusalem is a beautiful home in Jerusalem that takes care of so many young girls who do not have the advantage of having parents to take care of them. Do be certain to take a look at their site to find out more about the wonderful work they are involved in. Almost nothing can compare to the happiness experienced by an orphan hearing that somebody will help them – that somebody is there to take care of them – even as far as into the start of their marriage (and so very often even afterwards!)

Chessed Ve’Emet is proud to associate itself with such a wonderful organisation and to offer them our own assistance from funds we receive for our own projects aimed at assisting orphan brides (and grooms.)

We are grateful to have the opportunity to assist these young ladies as they start their own Jewish homes becoming the parents to their children that they might have wanted for their own parents to have been to them.

Please do join us by donating generously and allowing us all to become partners in kindness and giving of one’s charity to a cause to which the Shulchan Aruch states – there is no higher charity than this!

Thank You Letter from Bayit LePletot - Girls Town Jerusalem - to Chessed Ve'Emet For Their Help
Thank You Letter from Bayit Le’Pletot – Girls Town Jerusalem – to Chessed Ve’Emet For Their Help
Letter of Thanks from Bayit Le'Pletot - Girls Town Jerusalem - to Chessed Ve'Emet
Letter of Thanks from Bayit Le’Pletot – Girls Town Jerusalem – to Chessed Ve’Emet