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 Wedding Bouquet and Rings

Wedding Bouquet and Rings


One’s wedding day is usually the most special, exciting day for any woman!
A day she has dreamed of, contemplated, played about since she was a little girl!
For a Jewish woman, she cannot begin the process of coming to Chuppah until she has learned the important laws of Family Purity or Taharas HaMishpachah.


In addition to a structured curriculum, Shoshanah helps the Kallot gain insight and build a framework for this important Mitzvah.

The Mitzvah of Family Purity is one of three main Mitzvot that are unique to Jewish women. Although you have to be married to fulfill this Mitzvah, Shoshanah will help you to understand just how important this Mitzvah is in developing a strong relationship with your Chatan, in developing and ensuring Shalom Bayis and in ensuring that the children you and your Chatan bring into this world are holy and pure.

Being an experienced occupational therapist, Shoshanah is also happy to work with and teach disabled or special needs Kallot. In addition, for those women who are nervous or even scared of the intimate part of marriage, Shoshanah is happy to provide additional sessions to help the new Kallah to overcome this and be ready with a positive framework towards building a Bayit Ne’eman with love, appreciation and respect.


For those Kallot requiring the necessary “paperwork” for the Rabbanut in Israel, Shoshanah will write an accepted letter indicating the Kallah has learned the laws appropriately and is ready to begin fulfilling them in accordance with the Halachah.


For Kallot who find that this time leading up to the wedding is very stressful, Shoshanah is very happy to help the Kallah with stress management techniques and relaxation skills. Please note that these are additional extras and will require additional sessions over and beyond the basic Kallah lessons.


Please fill in our contact form with all your details, and Shoshanah will get back to you to set up a time to meet! Learning is done at her home in Jerusalem or online using Skype and webcam.


Shoshanah is a qualified Kallah teacher receiving her certification from Rabbi Fishel Jacobs author of “Family Purity – A Guide to Marital Fulfillment.” She is also a qualified occupational therapist with over 20 years of hands-on experience. She is a qualified infant massage teacher (sharing the processes involved in aiding to create the beautiful bond between mom and child.) Shoshanah is well qualified in a variety of alternative healing methods and has used these successfully to help many women. She is the author of two books – “Healing Your Life Through Activity” and “Tuvia Finds His Freedom” a book for children, together with its companion in Hebrew “טוביה יוצא לחרות“.

In addition to her vast knowledge and experience, Shoshanah is sensitive to the needs of the new Kallah and understands well the many new thoughts and challenges she faces as she approaches the beginning of her new life – to be spent with her life partner for ever.