The Crow and the Kitten – Both are Beautiful…


I am beyond excited when I see videos like this (see below)! I think they teach about life itself! They teach us – what we should already know as people. They teach us that we’re different, but that it doesn’t mean we have to be segregated from each other – let alone show animosity one to the other!

Certainly there are distinctions. One person may be a doctor, and another an electrician. One may have a very high IQ and another may not. One may have a large build, while another may be petite. These are qualities, characteristics and physical attributes that define something about us and why we are different. Let’s be clear, it doesn’t mean we have to melt into each other – as the common cliche speaks about the melting pot. What it does mean however, is that we need to value each other for who we are. We need to recognise the needs of others – as much as we recognise our own needs. We need others to value that in ourselves too! We need to be less judgmental and far more kind – even when everything just doesn’t seem to indicate it…

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