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Chessed Ve’Emet is a Torah organisation offering a wide selection of online and in-person learning of Torah. If you are new to “Torah” – or have stumbled on this page, and don’t yet understand it, contact Reb Eliyahu today to find out what it involves and how it can impact meaningfully on your life every single day!

Our online learning is done using Skype with webcam! The object of our learning is to learn how to learn, enjoy the beauty of Torah, enjoy the time devoted to our life growth together and explore a part of the infinite knowledge available in the Torah.

Learning is done to make Torah growth as enjoyable as possible. Learn at the time that best suits you. Choose the subject and/or books you most wish to grow from. Learn in the comfort of your own home. The best part is achieving the goal of being able to learn on your own by working through the text together!

Our learning is centered on Torah and spirituality. It’s about life. It’s about meaning in life… It’s about connecting with G-d. It’s about connecting with oneself. It’s about connecting with all others with the hope of seeing the unity and Oneness in all creation. When it seems a little too hard to concentrate on the text – there’s time to just talk about life, goals and finding meaning where one is – right then and there!

Learning for Non-Jews Too!

We also offer learning online for non-Jews in the process of conversion, in order to assist them to learn the necessary material required by their Beis Din (Jewish court of law). We offer this service only with permission from your orthodox Beit Din involved in your conversion. This is a unique service giving the new-convert the opportunity to work with someone online to get a full grasp of the required learning material. For those who have converted recently (or even not so recently) wanting to pursue their Torah learning further, we are happy to help you grow in your new path in life.

Chessed Ve’Emet also offers Noahides the opportunity to learn the Torah material needed to pursue their lives in accordance with the Torah’s directives of serving G-d as a Noahide without feeling the need to convert to Judaism. We welcome all Noahides wanting to learn and grow in serving G-d in the best ways suited to them.

Every person has some share in the Torah, so please click a button and take your own!

Torah Lessons Online Interactive and Live
Torah Lessons Interactive and Live
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Chatan Lessons In-Person and Online
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Kallah Lessons Online and In-Person
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Torah Study for Seniors Online
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Baal Teshuvah Councelling
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Torah Lessons for Noahides
Torah Lessons for Noahides
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Torah Lessons For The Convert to Judaism
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