Torah and Friendship for Seniors

Teimani Jews Studying Torah Together
Teimani Jews Studying Torah Together

Torah is the ultimate elixir of life! King Solomon – the wisest of men, and who well understood the meaning of life – teaches, “Educate the child according to his way, even when he is older, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs  22:6)

When one studies Torah in one’s youth, it is that much easier to continue studying when one is older. King Solomon teaches that the way a child is brought up – with the values and systems of life best for him/her – it is those same values and systems that he will delight in as he ages. It can be a craft or profession, but Torah study is no less important.

Jews Studying Torah Together
Jews Studying Torah Together

The tools one needs to master Torah include studying the Hebrew language, learning the stories of the entire Tanach, and then proceeding to the Oral Torah – filled with law, life, history and the mysteries of creation! Starting young, means having the opportunity to develop all the skills one needs, so that when one becomes older, one can enjoy the Torah one studies then.

In today’s times, life moves fast! It seems that before most people realise it, they have let life pass by without obtaining the skills necessary to learn properly. There’s also another aspect to getting older…

As one ages, one usually finds one’s relationships changing. Sometimes, one is blessed with a big family who continue to dote over one day and night. It’s wonderful for such people – as they age and find that those closest to them, those they have loved the most, are still there with them up until their last moments in life.

For others, life seems to take another angle. It can be soul destroying. For some, it is that they never married and now live alone – so many years later. For others, they never had the blessing of children, and their spouse has already passed on. Their best friends have passed on too… or they live so far apart that engaging in stimulating discussion like one was used to is all but impossible.


Today, we have the Internet, and it has opened the possibility to engaging in relationships – both old and even more so new. Video facilities allow for a truly interactive experience of meeting someone else online and forming a new relationship – even if one is forced to staying at home – alone – in one’s own room – which might well be in an old age home – or even one’s own apartment. Loneliness can be devastating, and there’s no saying that online relationships can do away with all loneliness – but there is a lot that it *can* provide.

With the technology of today – one can set up group video chats which create a virtual room for friends to join and engage in stimulating discussion. That loneliness can be filled, as one is able – from one’s computer – to meet new people, and practically speaking, to spend as long as one needs to with others to help fill the void.

Being aware of the situation, Chessed Ve’Emet offers seniors a blend of something meaningful to those who may feel that life has moved on – perhaps meaning has not been found, and one finds oneself all alone.

Contact Reb Eliyahu – and set up a time to meet online – at times that are convenient to you – wherever you are in the world. Torah can be learned together – a subject best suited to your needs. If the learning is difficult – there is always time to just talk – talk about life and just how best to spend meaningful time – based upon the beautiful values of the Torah itself.

Being alone – does not have to mean being lonely. If life has gone by, and it seems like all meaning has been lost, here is an opportunity to take a meaningful part in someone else’s life. Consider becoming a partner in assisting Chessed Ve’Emet to reach out even more through Torah outreach via the Internet and the establishment of their own Yeshiva/Kollel – while taking a part yourself in your own growth – and creating a new friendship that says to you that there is someone there to talk to even if you feel life has become lonely or perhaps meaningless.

There is also the wonderful opportunity of joining a group together online for everyone to just get together over a page of Torah and to speak about life, meaning, purpose and the goodness of what you have actually achieved throughout your life – and the difference you have made and are making in the lives of others every single day! Feel free to enjoy the Shiur with some coffee and biscuits or a piece of cake – almost as if it was taking place in your very own home – because it is!

Contact Reb Eliyahu today and set up a time to learn. Gain the tools you need to enjoy your learning – and most of all, the tools you need to feel great about your life! Don’t feel alone – join us, call us, be in touch and let us become a part of your family if you feel you are lacking. Enter our own virtual Beit Midrash and become active sharing your life experiences with those who can learn from you – and listening to the lives of others through the Torah we learn together!