And You Should be Happy Before Hashem Your God

Lulav-Etrog Set
Lulav-Etrog Set

As the festival of Sukkot approaches, let us remember the beautiful teaching regarding the essence of this festival.

The Torah teaches, “And you should take for yourselves on the first day (of Sukkot) the fruit from the Hadar tree (Etrog), date palms (a palm branch), a branch of a braided tree (three myrtles), and willows of the brook (two branches from the willow tree), and you should rejoice before Hashem your God” (Leviticus 23:40).

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Never Give Up – a Lesson From Jack Ma of Alibaba (with video)

Success - Set Goals
Success – Set Goals

I am constantly inspired by seeing how others have reached their own success in life. To be sure, success does not equal the dollar amount showing in a bank account. Success can be anything one aspires to in one’s life. Sometimes – for me, success is completing studying a Torah book. When I manage to work through a volume of hundreds of pages in length, it brings me a great sense of satisfaction. I’ve done it! One day – I am at the beginning of the book, unable to imagine ever getting through such a thick work! Weeks or months later – I turn around and say that I have actually done it! Now… I must find the means and time to learn it a second time!

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Being Happy on Sukkot – Even Without Your Own Sukkah

BneiBraq033By Ori~ (Own work) [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

With regards to the Festival of Sukkot, the Torah tells us that, “And the Lord spoke to Moses saying: Speak to the Children of Israel and tell them, the 15th day of this seventh month shall be the Festival of Sukkot – seven days for the Lord… for seven days, you shall present a burnt offering to the Lord…

On the first day, you shall take for yourself a fruit of the citron tree (etrog), a palm frond (lulav), myrtle branches (hadas) and willows (aravah). You shall rejoice before the Lord your God for seven days. During these seven days each year, you shall celebrate to God. It is an eternal law for all generations that you celebrate in the seventh month.

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