Happy Couples


*Stories and Pictures!

Yanki* and his Kallah – both Baalei Teshuva with no family assistance approached us hoping for the best. At the end of the day, not only were we present at their Chuppah (taking photographs for them as well!), Shoshanah prepared the tables, the bride’s veil, her chair and flowers!

The couple received a bundle of high quality gifts, including silver plated candlesticks (seen in picture), a couple of sets of dishes, sterling silver kiddush cup and sterling silver mayim acharonim set. They also received a challah board, a challah cover, lipstick, wine decanter and glasses and some other really special items. What’s more… they chose all these items themselves directly from our Bayit Chadash Store!

*Not real name

Shalom* was so excited about the bundle of gifts he and his Kallah-to-be received, he prepared a beautifully typed letter of appreciation (see picture.) In addition to the small bundle of gifts (including the sterling silver 34cm candlesticks), Shalom also received a bundle of Sifrei Kodesh (Torah books), a top-of-the-range Shtender which has a detachable upper part which can be used on a regular table if so desired, and a wardrobe of garments for the Chuppah, Sheva Brachos and after. He also received an entire Talmud Bavli – Greenwald edition. He can be seen with his bundle of gifts save for a few sets of additional books – in the picture above.

* Not real name