Never Give Up – a Lesson From Jack Ma of Alibaba (with video)

Success - Set Goals
Success – Set Goals

I am constantly inspired by seeing how others have reached their own success in life. To be sure, success does not equal the dollar amount showing in a bank account. Success can be anything one aspires to in one’s life. Sometimes – for me, success is completing studying a Torah book. When I manage to work through a volume of hundreds of pages in length, it brings me a great sense of satisfaction. I’ve done it! One day – I am at the beginning of the book, unable to imagine ever getting through such a thick work! Weeks or months later – I turn around and say that I have actually done it! Now… I must find the means and time to learn it a second time!

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None Of Us Can Make It Alone – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Man on Top of Mountain
On Top of the World

Success – we all want it! We all need it! As each day goes by, each of us strives to attain greater heights in our lives. Life is about growth. Every day should bring with it further success. When most of us are young, we tend to feel our achievements a lot easier. We work our way from kindergarten to primary school. From primary school to high school. From high school, we move onward. Some of us obtain a tertiary education – while others learn a craft. Some of us go on to work – just in order to be able to sustain ourselves. For the most part, this may constitute perhaps only a quarter of our lives.

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