Yeshivah and Kollel


In the year 1892, Rabbi Zelig Pinchas Shear – a Talmid Chacham and Rav from the famous Telz Yeshiva in Lithuania, made the decision to flee from the pogroms. His destination – South Africa. In particular – Uniondale, a beautiful town in the Cape. His commitment to Torah and his family were at the very least equal, motivating him to take out not just his family – but at least 2 Sifrei Torah as well. Known as Pogrom Sifrei Torah – they were written this size so that they could easily be transported – even spanning continents.

R’ Zelig Pinchas’ first idea when beginning to settle in his new country was to create a vibrant Jewish community. With this in mind, he personally built the beautiful shul in the pictures displayed on the page. This shul still stands today – more than 100 years old – in almost the exact beautiful condition it was when it was built! The Sefer Torah that was used in that shul – that nestled inside the beautiful Aron Kodesh – found its way back into the hands of Rav Zelig Pinchas’ great-grandson – in almost the same condition it was when it was written – some 150 years ago!

Because of his love of Torah, Rav Zelig Pinchas built a Cheder for the Jewish children to learn in, as well as a Mikvah to keep the laws of Family Purity. He was also the town Shochet and Mohel.

There’s much more to this story though… To find out more, see: From Exile to Redemption. A Sefer Torah is Saved.


Torah is transmitted from generation to generation. It does not stop. The Shul continues. The Torah continues. The family continues. Torah is the life-blood of the Jewish people. Without a Torah… without a shul… without a family – there is nothing left but a world of chaos and confusion. It is only through the studying of Torah and the establishment of Yeshivot – and the practising of Mitzvot that the “tradition” of the Torah can be successfully passed on to further generations – generations who will add goodness and kindness to the world.

We are determined to continue the path followed by Rav Zelig Pinchas by setting up our very own Yeshiva in the holy city of Jerusalem – “For out of Zion will the Torah go forth and the word of Hashem from Jerusalem.” This is our project and we invite you to join us, take part and become a part of it…



There are hundreds of Yeshivot – thank G-d – all around the world. What makes our project different?

Our Yeshiva is aimed at nothing less than to literally make a “dwelling place for G-d in the lower worlds” – in the words of the Midrash a “Dira BeTachtonim.” A place where G-d Himself, and every Jew will feel welcome.  A place for every Jew to find his roots, to explore them, to grow in his Yiddishkeit, to come to love being Jewish, to love the Torah and find a home away from home.

There will be a Mikvah for both men and women in close proximity to the Yeshiva for those men wishing to immerse regularly, and for families who live nearby to be able to fulfill the laws of Family Purity with ease due to proximity.

Dormitories will be provided for young men, as well as additional room-space for those tourists passing by in need of lodging for a short period of time. Healthy, nourishing and tasty meals will be provided 3 times a day – of the highest Kashrut standards in Israel.

Everything is about fulfilling Torah to its utmost. This means it will be a place where davening – prayer – is taken seriously with emphasis put into praying deliberately, giving those joining the services the opportunity to pray slowly and with intention. Naturally Ahavat Yisrael – love of a fellow Jew – is stressed, and it is imperative that all joining the program be aware of the needs of everyone in the Yeshiva. A “welcome” policy is already in place – one which cares for every new face (soul!) that enters the Yeshiva, whether for just prayer or to spend time learning.

Learning is to be centered on both the revealed and hidden aspects of Torah – both Halachah, and Chassidut (and Kabbalah) with students being given the option of a wide range of subjects to choose from. This is given so that students will be able to spend their time involved in learning those subjects that appeal to them the most – all fitting in with a proper and healthy approach to Torah learning.

Added emphasis will be given to practical Halachah – especially with regards to the laws of Kashrut, Shabbat and Niddah. We look forward to providing Shiurim in the less learnt subjects such as business law as well – once again giving students the opportunity to gain from all areas of Torah.

One section of the Centre will include a Yeshiva with learning for students still learning to learn. Another section will include a Kollel for married students who are able to learn on their own.

There’s much more to our project, and we encourage you to join us whether as a financial partner, a student or a teacher. We are keen to have a group of like-minded Torah Jews on our team blessing it with the success it is due.


We need your support to make this project reach its fulfillment in actual physical revelation, together with the physical building to host the Yeshiva, as well as to build the Mikvaot, repair the Sefer Torah / acquire a new one, build our Torah library and begin to have regular Shiurim.

We are also looking for a team of dedicated Rabbanim who wish to take part – both in teaching as well as in helping to raise funds to continue this project.

By no means “least”, we would like to hear from serious students who would like to take part in our project. The more we hear from those interested, the better our chances for making a success of a feasible program for all.

This is a project for you as much as it is for us. So, don’t delay, take part in some way!