Mishnah Learning for a Loved One

Set of Kehati Mishnayot
Set of Kehati Mishnayot


The Mishnah – from the word Shana – to review, comprises the entire oral tradition of the Torah. It was compiled by Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi – known simply as Rebbi in about the year 220. It consists of 6 main sections comprised of a total of 63 tractates, some which contain Gemara (the discussions discussing the rulings of the Mishna written by the Amoraim and compiled by Ravina and Rav Ashi,) and many which do not.

The fascinating world of Mishna includes everything about life – if one delves in to it as one should! Its importance in learning is on a par (together with the Gemara) as the Written Torah (the TaNaCh). It is the essence of all Torah law of today. Every Jew should become a master of the entire ShaS (Shishah Sedarim – the six orders.)


After the Histalkus (death) of a relative or friend, many seek out ways of involving themselves in activities for the sake of the Neshamah (the soul) who has left the world. This is in fact healthy for both the soul as well as for the person engaging in these activities. The question often arises, “What can I do for an Aliyat Neshama for…?”

Chessed Ve’Emet offers our friends numerous opportunities to take part – together with us – in becoming active in doing something for their departed relative or friend. There are so many things that can be done and the benefit accrues to the soul who has departed, the person making a donation towards a project, and to the Torah scholar or organisation receiving assistance. It’s a win-win-win!

We offer our friends the opportunity to take part in partnering with a Torah scholar/s in a general way or more specifically who will learn Mishnayot or other Torah in the merit of the deceased. We offer our friends the opportunity to purchase holy Torah books through us directly, or to send to us, which will be used by those in need of them or to a sponsor someone to learn Torah. We also offer individual projects for those looking to do something truly unique and special for the sake of their dear beloved relative or friend.

You’ll find info on this page about our learning project done for the Aliyat Neshamah (ascent of the soul) for a beloved relative. For other “partnership opportunities”, contact us with a contact number and your details, and we will be in direct contact with you – anywhere in the world!

— One may give Maaser funds to poor Talmidei Chachamim so they will learn in the merit of one who is sick -that he have a Refuah Sheleimah – or in the merit of one who departed this world – that the Neshamah should have an Aliyah. —

~ The Laws of Tzedakah and Maaser by Rabbi Shimon Taub
citing the Ksav Sofer Yoreh Deah Simon 112


Partners in our Mishnah Learning Project should know that through their contributions there are many who stand to gain:

  • Those giving share in the Mitzvah of Tzedakah. Their wealth is shared with at least one Torah scholar in Jerusalem.
  • Torah scholars are supported through the kindness of the donor. They are also able to continue their learning, growing, and being better able to advise those in need whenever they require spiritual advice.
  • The soul who the money is donated for, receives an Aliyah (ascent) in the worlds above, as it takes pleasure in the Torah learning being done for it, the Tzedakah that has been given on its behalf, and the knowledge that unity has been created by all those involved in this act of kindness.

Learning Mishnayot in Memory of a Loved One

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The word Mishnah – משנה – contains the exact same letters as the word Neshamah (soul) – נשמה. Indeed the learning of Mishnah brings healing to the soul – in this world and the next!

When a family member or friend leaves this world, many feel helpless at the wound that such a loss creates for us and we wonder what we can do to somehow keep connected with the soul that has left us. We ourselves want to feel that we are still connected to them – and want to do whatever we can to bring pleasure to the soul – wherever it finds itself. We don’t want to let go – ever! Yet it seems like the “tear” is real and we feel hopeless!

Our Rabbis teach us that doing Mitzvot for the merit of the departed soul actually assists in elevating the soul. It assists in keeping us connected and bringing Nachas (pleasure) to the soul. It’s as if the connection is still there, even though we cannot see the soul with our physical eyes!

Because the word Mishnah shares the same letters as the word Neshamah – our Rabbis teach us that learning Mishnah for the merit of the soul – that it may merit an Aliyat Neshama (an ascent) – is another way we can remain connected and continue our relationship with them – even if we can’t actually see or feel them with our physical senses.

Chessed Ve’Emet has its own group of Talmidei Chachamim who are involved in the study of Mishnah for the sake of the souls of loved one’s for those wishing to partake in a special Yissachar / Zevulun relationship. Your Tzeddakah assists us to be able to spend our time learning and teaching Torah – and in turn our learning assists the soul in the higher worlds as it makes its way higher and higher! We also offer personal learning sessions in Mishnah for those wishing to learn the Mishnayot directly with us. Learning is done using Skype at a convenient time to yourself.

Any part of the Mishnah can be learned, preferred sections, one tractate or even the entire 6 Orders of the Mishnah from beginning to end – for those who are committed. The donor stands the opportunity of supporting Torah scholars and in return receives the opportunity to grow in their Yiddishkeit. The soul who the Torah is learned for in turn receives much satisfaction as it becomes aware that all this beauty of Torah and kindness is ultimately being done for its honour!

You can be a part of this wonderful program by contacting Reb Eliyahu directly, choosing a tractate (or the entire Shas) to learn either with him / another Talmid Chacham, or to have a number of scholars learning together for the Aliyat Neshamah of the soul of a beloved family member or friend. You can also arrange with Reb Eliyahu to have Chessed Ve’Emet establish an online Mishnah chart so that you can keep track of which friends and family are partaking in a Mishnah learning project on behalf of a beloved family member or friend. See our online blank Mishnah page for more info on how your page can be custom designed! As with most of our activities, your contributions towards these projects allows us to provide more, and as a result – to give you more back in return. Please respect our efforts in providing these professional services. All serious requests will be treated in such a like manner.


To have someone spend time learning Mishnah for an Aliyat Neshamah for a loved one or friend of yours, please make a donation directly by selecting a support option – an amount which is donated per hour of Mishnah learning.

The amount is a donation and its value is not based on a particular work per hour amount. Your donation allows Torah to be studied during the hour – and your support means more Torah can be learned. In all the donation options – learning will only be done for a one hour period based on the amount you donate.

In addition your donation reflects the value you’d like to give according to what you can afford – as a payment of Tzeddakah in honour and memory of a beloved family member or friend (and learning can be done in honour of a living person as well.)

Should you wish to discuss other payment options – of any other amounts, please contact Reb Eliyahu directly to find out more and how it all works. Arrange a time to speak on Skype and discuss what you feel is important for you. Remember – you can have someone learn a section of Mishnah in their own time (at an appropriate time e.g. Yahrtzeit etc.) or you can arrange a time to learn together with Reb Eliyahu, and in this way take an active part in the process of learning for the ascent of the soul that has meant so much to you.

Set of Kehati Mishnayot
Set of Kehati Mishnayot


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