Torah Websites

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אוצר הספרים – Comprehensive store containing books of all kinds (wide selection of books on Kabbalah)
האתר לספרי קבלה – Comprehensive store containing books of Kabbalah
זול ספר – Comprehensive store containing books of all kinds (wide selection of books on Kabbalah)
חנות ספרים ודיסקים – Books on Kabbalah, Chassidut and Judaism
ספרי קודש – המדף היהודי – Comprehensive store containing books of all kinds (wide selection of books on Kabbalah)
ספרית עם ישראל (kodesh book) – Comprehensive store containing books of all kinds


Aish Das Torah Net – HUGE Database of Online Jewish Books (Hebrew and English)
Bialystoker Synagogue – A fantastic list of awesome sites
Chabad Library of Books Online 1
Chabad Library Books 2 – HUGE Selection of Jewish books (not only Chabad) online for viewing or downloading
Encyclopedia Judaica
Hebrew Torah Books Online
Hebrew-English Complete Online Bible/Tanach
Jastrow Aramaic Dictionary Online
JEWISH VIRTUAL LIBRARY – Entire Bible in English Online
Kabbalastic Texts Online Free – A wide variety of online kabbalistic texts including Rabbi Avraham Abulafia
Max Leopold Margolis: A manual of the Aramaic language of the Babylonian Talmud: Grammar, chrestomathy and glossaries
Mechon Mamre – Classical Torah Texts online
MikraNet – Main Original Texts (Tanach, Mishnah, Talmud Bavil and Yerushalmi, Rambam, Midrash, Tosefta, for children etc.)
Munkatsch Chassidut – An immense database of the works of the Munkatcher Rebbes online
Online Text Library – Variety of Texts
Online Library at – Original Texts in Hebrew and Books in English
Oz VeHadar – Publishers of well explained Talmud, Halacha and Kabbalah texts
Otzar 770 – Chabad Texts
Rambam – Everything you need to know
Rambam – Mishneh Torah Translated into English (Completely!)
Rambam – Mishneh Torah English Edition with Commentary
Rambam – Mishneh Torah Hebrew Edition
Sefaria: Database of texts with English translations. Ongoing project where you can take part too. Steinsaltz Talmud with English translation now available too!
Sichos in English – These well-known books online
Talmud Bavli (Translation in English of Entire Soncino Edition)
Talmud Bavli (Translation in English of Entire Soncino Edition – PDF format)
Tanach – Commentary, Lessons and Text
Tanach and Mikraot Gedolot
Torah Database – Wikipedia links to a HUGE amount of links to sites with online texts
Tradition Seforim Blog
מאגר ספרות קודש – Main texts hyperlinked


Ascent of Tzefat
Ask Moses! (and get answers!)
Azamra Torah
Breslov Books
Breslev Midot
Breslov Portal to Breslov on the Internet
Breslov World
Chafetz Chaim – All the books of the Chafetz Chaim online together with English translation
Cleaning fruits and vegetables – Rabbi Moshe Vaye
Duties of the Heart (Rabbeinu Bachye) – Translation
Dvar Malchus in English
Give Tov – Jewish Crowdfundraiser to assist you to raise funds from others in the community
Kabbalah Me – Learn Kabbalah
Kabbalah Online!
KabbalahToons – Kabbalah teachings in cartoons
Kabbalistic and Chassidic texts online
Lag BaOmer – Everything you need to know
Lessons in Tanya – Excellent Audio Shiurim
Lessons in Tanya – 5 Volume Set Online
Meaningful Life – Jewish world news, Yahrtzeits and more
Mi Yodeah? A great site filled with questions and answers of others. You can join in with your own too!
Nishmat – Women’s Health and Halachah
Orthodox Union – The OU – a great selection of Shiurim in all areas of Torah
Family Tree and Info about the Kabbalist Rabbi Shimon Agassi
Shaarei Kedusha (The Gates of Holiness – Translation) – Rabbi Chaim Vital
Shatnez – Learn all about the prohibition of wearing wool and linen together
Shema Yisrael Torah Network
Short Vort – Thousands of Divrei Torah to choose – and you can add your own!
Shtaygen – Portal for the World of Torah (Hebrew)
Sifrey Kabbalah – Writings of the Arizal, Zohar and more Online!
Solitude – Hitbodedut – A blog devoted to selections from the mystics mostly to do with meditation
Tanya – Everything you need to know
Tanya – Texts (English with lessons / Hebrew)
Tanya Online – Text and Video Shiurim (Rabbi Shimon Aisenbach)
The Alter Rebbe – Rabbi Schenur Zalman of Liadi – Everything you need to know
The ChesedFund – If you are struggling for money – set up a fund to raise money for yourself
Tikun Tov – Learn the notes of the Torah and be able to Lein
The Gabbi’s Resource
The Lubavitcher Rebbe – General DVD’s ONLINE
The Lubavitcher Rebbe – Living Torah DVD’s ONLINE!
The Yeshiva World News
Torah Net
Torahtots – Wonderful site for kids
Vaad Mishmeret Sta”M – The international organisation overseeing the Kashrut standards of Sifrei Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzot.
Write a letter to be places at the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Grave
Wikipedia – Portal Judaism
Wikipedia – Portal Kabbalah
YK’s Sofer Blog – a Blog about a Sofer



Beis HaVaad Institute of Talmudic Law – Monetary Law
Beis HaVaad Institute of Talmudic Law – Bringing Choshen Mishpat to Life
Berachot Site – Comprehensive laws of Berachot
Business Halacha – A comprehensive site with Q’s and A’s and much much more
Business Halacha – Includes scanned pages together with audio Shiurim
Chitrik Academy – A wonderful site with online lessons in Mishnah and Gemara
Chok LeYisrael – Text online and Audio
Daat – לימודי יהדות ורוח – A Hebrew site dedicated to a variety of important texts
Dafdigest – Insights into each page of Talmud
Daily Gemara – Audio and Text – Excellent Resource!
Daf HaChaim: Video Shiurim of Daf Yomi with text on page
Daily Halacha – Audio and Text – Excellent Resource!
Daf a Week – Learn one page of Talmud every week with Shiurim and tests. Great site!
Daf Notes – Outstanding resource for helpful notes, extra links for help with the Daf and much much more
Daf Yomi Calendar
Daf Yomi Advancement Forum – Everything for Daf Yomi – Great site with daily notes on the Daf of the day
Daf Yomi by Simon Wolf – A clear understanding of the Daf
Dirshu – Daf Yomi and Mishna Berurah with tests (international structured program!)
Dr Falk Schlesinger Institute for Medical Halachic Research – with option to send in your own questions!
E-Daf – See and hear the entire Talmud page by page
E-Chok – Chok LeYisrael Online with English Translation
E-Mishna – Mishayot and Bartenura Commentary in English Online
Eliezer Segal’s Image Maps and Interactive Pages. Who’s Who in the Classic Texts
Gemara Academy – Learn Gemara with the aid of a teacher and visuals (flowcharts) to assist in understanding how to learn correctly
Halachipedia (similar in structure to the Wikipedia – only this is for Halacha)
HeAros – Blog with insights on the Daf
Kitzur Shulchan Aruch – Study this basic text of Halacha online with free daily calendar and additional resources!
Kol HaLashon – Excellent resource for audio and video Shiurim (Hebrew site available as well)
Kosharot כושרות – Hebrew site devoted to Kashrut and other Halachah
Learn Shulchan Aruch and Obtain Semicha!
Limudei Daat – Study for the Rabbanut in Israel!
Live Daf Yomi – Live interactive video & audio Shiur of the Daf of the day. Archives available.
Medical Ethics in Torah
Mishna Yomi – Learn all Mishnayot Shas in a year (calendar available)
Mishna Berurah – Audio and Text – Excellent Resource!
Mishnah Learning charts to arrange friends from all over the world to complete a schedule of Mishnah learning “Le’Iluy Nishmas”
Mishna Sedura (Hebrew) – A great site for learning aids to assist in learning Mishnayot off by heart!
MP3 Shiur – Shiurim to Download and Listen to on Your MP3
My Zmanim – Halachic Times around the World
Ohr LaSofer (Hebrew) – A major resource for all things Sofer Stam
OU Daf Yomi – Daf Yomi from the OU
Peninei Halacha (Hebrew): Rabbi Eliezer Melamed. Wonderful resource for getting to understand the Psak Halacha
Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom Daf Yomi
Rabbi Steinsaltz – Aleph Society. Insights into Daf Yomi, Gemara and more
Real Clear Daf – Daf Yomi – clear!
Shas Chabura – Learn all of Shas in just two hours a day. Great resource. Provides a Chazara system to master all of Shas
Shas Illuminated – Wonderful audio Shiurim (Iyun)
Shulchan Aruch HaRav (Alter Rebbe) and daily learning schedule
Shulchan Aruch HaRav – Audio and Textual Shiurim. Option for Semicha.
The Animated Talmud – An animated introduction to the Oral Torah
Torah Downloads – an extensive database of audio Shiurim
Wikipedia – Portal of Halacha (Hebrew)
YU Torah Online Daf Yomi – Daf Yomi from YU



Kever Rachel (Rachel Imeinu’s Grave)
Live Kotel camera



Jerusalem Kosher News – Excellent Resource to understand Kashrut (Tefillin and Shatnez) in Israel – Comprehensive site on Kashrut Articles – Huge database of authoratative articles on Kashrut and important additional links



Daf’s Worldwide Chavruta DB – Find a learning partner in Gemara to learn with worldwide!
Partners in Torah – Learn on the phone with someone for free
The Mercava – Daf Yomi online with English translation at each section – plus set up group learning and more!
Chavrusa Match – Find someone to learn with online free


Abbreviations (Hebrew) – a page to enter Rashei Teivot (abbreviations) and see the full words
Chevra Lomdei Mishnah – for learning about the value of learning Mishnayot for departed loved one’s with outstanding resources
Chabadpedia – Encyclopedia of Chabad topics
Codes of Jewish Law and their Commentaries: Historical Notes – Compiled by Rabbi Shlomo Pereira
Chinuch – An excellent site offering material contributed by all for education purposes. Requires registration.
DC Minyan – Learn how to daven (pray) the Shabbat prayers
Daf Yomi Review – review calendars and progam schedules for learning Torah
Daf Yomi Advancement Forum Resource Page – Includes dozens of practical resources to aid Talmud study. Calendars for various yearly learning programs included
Hadrat Melech – Biographical Notes of Rishonim & Acharonim and their books – Compiled by Rabbi Shlomo Pereira
Jewish Pathways – Study Torah with a vareity of online courses
Luach Shulchan Aruch HaRav – Learn the entire Shulchan Aruch of the Baal HaTanya in just 5 years
Mikvah Calendar – calendar to keep track of nidda times (For assistance contact us to understand how it works.)
Mishnah Berurah – Learn an Amud a Day (Calendar included)
Mishnah Learning charts to arrange friends from all over the world to complete a schedule of Mishnah learning “Le’Iluy Nishmas”
NLE: NLE Resources – the global resource for Jewish educators and outreach professionals
Stam Forum – for Sofrim – a great site for connecting with other Sofrim to discuss Safrut issues
Torah Downloads – an extensive database of audio Shiurim
WikiYeshivah (Hebrew) – an outstanding site with Torah topics clearly explained in encyclopedia type format


Torah Cafe – Wonderful quality videos to learn about Torah from so many great sources!