“Chessed Ve’Emet” is a Torah organisation
devoted to teaching the beautiful values of Torah and spirituality
to those who thirst to learn and grow..
For those who wish to learn — how to learn…
Schedule a time to learn personally online with Reb Eliyahu
using Skype and webcam – at a convenient time to yourself, learning a Torah book of your choice – and a subject of your choice – progressing at a pace most suitable to you!

Please note: Our services are charged for – as with all other worldly services.
Your payment supports Torah study and Torah teaching.

We also offer a unique personalised service to those wishing to make Aliyah (immigrate to Israel) and to those who have already made Aliyah needing support
as they go about settling into their new country.
We offer mentoring and support for those in Israel as well as those still overseas!

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Learn Torah Online and In-Person
Learn Torah Online and In-Person  Interactive and Live!
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Mishnah Learning in Memory of a Loved One
Aliyah Assistance
Aliyah Assistance For Those Making Aliyah and For Those  In Israel
Wedding Project of Chessed Ve'Emet
Project Assisting Jewish Orphans
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Our Publications
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Eliyahu’s Writing & Web Services
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Partner With Us
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Purchase Eliyahu’s Stunning Photos

Did you know?
Learning with Reb Eliyahu means that you will be spending your time studying Torah – as well as supporting Torah study and assisting Reb Eliyahu in his path of studying and teaching Torah.
Maaser funds may certainly be used for this purpose should there be no other means available.