Rosh HaShanah Appeal

For Rosh HaShanah and The Chagim

The new year is upon us once again! It’s a time to consider where we “are holding” in our life. Did we succeed in attaining the goals we set for ourselves last year? Did we even set them before the new year began?! We hear the Shofar blowing already – awakening us to the message of Rosh HaShanah – “Awaken from your sleep!” Those living in Israel well know the terror of hearing a siren as we realise the importance of running for shelter immediately – in order to save our very lives! For some – there’s 60 seconds, while for others, 15 seconds is the maximum amount of time to run for safety – to hide oneself in a shelter until the terror has passed!

The Shofar blown every morning during the month of Elul must awaken us with at least the same feelings of terror. There’s a sudden jolt into reality that there’s more we must do than to just continue life as we once had before. The themes for Rosh HaShanah – and all the High Holy Days are Teshuvah – repentance, Tefillah – prayer, and Tzeddakah – charity. It is these things that save us from the bad decree (Lo Aleinu.) Indeed the fullness of a wholesome Jewish life is based upon the study of Torah, the fulfillment of Mitzvot, and prayer. Teshuvah is our returning to God. We return through our Torah study as we begin to examine what it is that God wants from us and the need to do more.  If we don’t study – we will not know what to do. We will not know what it means “to just be a good person.” The most essential of Mitzvot is the Mitzvah of Tzedakkah – because it highlights the importance of giving of oneself – doing more – and seeing someone else as important to the world, as one sees oneself! Tefillah – prayer awakens us and makes us realise we must be in touch with the Creator of the world. The more we try to “be in touch” – the more we allow Him to be “in touch” with us. Through this we establish a beautiful and wholesome relationship with God.

As we approach Rosh HaShanah – we all know the extra costs involved. Whether it’s food costs, the costs for a new Lulav and Esrog  for Sukkot – or perhaps a first Sukkah – or a new one after the old one was destroyed by a violent storm the previous year. For those who work privately, there is an additional cost of the loss of being able to work during the many days devoted to prayer and preparing the necessary things for the festivals. For some, the costs are impossible to deal with, and for them, their debt increases over and above what they have already found themselves in as the years have moved on. For many, it’s not the debt of owning a home and the costs of a mortgage (a fantasy only,) but the simple costs of food, clothing, medical and other essentials that we all need.

Chessed Ve’Emet is not only about itself, but – as can be seen on our pages – we are also here to assist others. In order to assist others, we ourselves need to be able to continue with some sort of budget. We do it – only with your help.

At this time of year – we ask once again for you to give generously for our Rosh HaShanah appeal. Your assistance helps give us the confidence that we are moving forwards and accomplishing. We want to continue with our activities – and do even more in the future, and so ask you to be a part of it, knowing that indeed Teshuvah, Tefillah and Tzedakah remove the bad decree.

Charity saves from death. It saves the one who receives – because they too can live in the world. And it saves the one who gives – because in the merit of the charity, a shield is created that surrounds the one who gives. He/she may not even realise it, but should it ever come about that it is needed, its invisible shine illuminates around the person – protecting them, until the moment of terror passes by. The person will never know it – but it was his charity that created a protecting force – saving him from all danger.

We invite you – any time – to be in touch with us and find out more about our goals, what we are doing, and to offer you the opportunity to see that our projects are real, moving forwards and doing wonderful things in the world. Let that offer not be only for the purpose of seeing what we do – take an active part by learning with us online – a subject of your choice and get to see that Torah and Mitzvot are our essential loves and goals in life – for ourselves, and for others.

Please be a part of our projects, assist us to continue in our activities – and give generously with all these intentions in mind.

May you merit through your charity and goodness to be blessed with your heart’s desires for the good in all your material and spiritual matters. A good that is revealed, visible and manifest.

For Rosh HaShanah and The Chagim