God, the The Torah and The Jewish People are One – For Members of the I Care Club

Photograph depicting Jewish people, God and Torah as One

Photograph depicting Jewish people, God and Torah as One


I took these photos a few years ago and made up a montage of them using my graphic skills. The important areas are in colour with the less important parts in black and white.

We see an image of a Torah scroll being lifted at the Hagbah (lifting up) ceremony after the Torah is read. The Torah scroll was being read at the Kotel which can be seen in the background.

Though the custom is to point one’s baby finger towards the Torah as it is raised and to say the words “Vezot haTorah asher sam Moshe Livnei Yisrael…” (And this is the Torah that Moshe placed before the Children of Israel), this man pointed with one of the sweets that had been thrown at the Bar Mitzvah boy who had been called up for an Aliyah. As is the well known custom, when a Bar Mitzvah boy or Chatan (one about to marry during the coming week) is called up, the community throw an assortment of sweets at him – celebrating his life and that it should be a sweet one!

This man pointed with the sweet that he had picked up. A beautiful gesture. We need not point with a finger. It is so much more beautiful to point with a sweet – showing the link between the physical sweet which has taste, to the Torah itself which is itself sweet. The words of the Torah are sweet!

Here we have a man – a Jew, showing his love for the Torah. He is doing so at the holiest place in the world, right at the Kotel! The sun is shining down with a beautiful blue sky! Here one gets the feeling that God is a part of the ceremony!

On the right of the image, one can see a rose. The Zohar begins its studies with the parable of the rose and the Jewish people. Just as King Solomon stated, “Like a rose amongst the thorns, so is my beloved amongst the nations “(Song of Songs 2:2)

The Zohar, being one of the root sources for the study of Jewish mysticism makes yet another statement (Zohar 3, 73:a), “There are three who are connected, the Holy One Blessed be He, the Torah, and Israel (the Jewish people).”

There is a link. This is how it is. This is how it should actually be. Though in the physical world, we tend to see everything as separate, in the higher worlds, these three things are joined, united in complete unity.

The rose amongst the thorns is connected to the Creator of the world in a perfect unity. These are connected to the Torah. In fact, all is One. The soul is just a reality of a living Torah. God is just the Reality of both. They cannot be separated. In the physical world, they must do everything to keep the unity a reality – as it is above. It is only the physical of materiality that makes things seem separate. We must do everything we can to show how this not so. We are indeed connected in a complete unity – just like the body with its different limbs and organs make up a unity. Yet, this is even more so. There is just no separation whatsoever.

This beautiful image can be yours! It is an exclusive image for members of the I Care Club. Do you care? No… do you really care? Do you find yourself wondering better ways to maintain that unity, to believe its truth? To love others as indeed you love yourself? If so, this picture is for you because by purchasing it, you will not only have a beautiful work of art to place in a room of your choice, but you will be assisting those struggling, to be able to pay their own debts, and one day move on to taking care of themselves, being paid appropriately for the work they do – being paid an amount that allows them to live.


Your image will come with a unique “I Care” stamp on it, showing how much we recognise your care, and letting others who look at the picture know that you have made a huge difference in our lives.

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