Parshat Noach – The Value of One Cent and How Theft Lead to the Biggest Flood in the World

Just one Parshah ago – Bereishit – we saw God creating the entire world from nothing. We cannot know why, but it was the wish of the Creator to have a physical world in which to manifest Himself. Here, He would allow an infinite array of physical beings to inhabit His physical creation, enjoying the benefits He had created for it. In fact, it seems, this was His deepest wish. He wanted a physical world – a lowly place for a Being infinitely above even the highest of spiritual beings possible. His ultimate desire, that they should make for themselves a dwelling place below for this Being! Then – just as fast as it all began, the entire world would be destroyed – just one Parshah later! What happened that caused God to so drastically “change His mind” about the Creation He had made?

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