The Jewish Cemetery in Vilna and What is Currently Happening to it (Video)

Jewish Cemetery in Vilna
Jewish Cemetery in Vilna

This video (below) is the story of the cemetery in Vilna. Vilna used to be a hub of the Jewish people, and in years gone by was known as the “Jerusalem of Lithuania”. Today – our very Talmud’s are based upon the standard printed edition of Vilna from years gone by. It was from Vilna that the outstanding Torah giant – Rabbi Eliyahu Kramer – known as the Vilna Gaon, arose. His pupil, Rabbi Chaim of Volohzin would set up the first standard Lithuanian Yeshiva, from which all Lithuanian-style Yeshivas continue their learning styles and schedules to this day.

In this famous cemetery, some of the greatest of Torah giants are buried, including (follow links for more information):

Watch this informative video to find out more about this holy cemetery and what is currently happening to it.

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