Katherine’s Beautiful Mind – The Power of a Photographic Memory


The power of the mind. The power of the brain. The power of the soul. Those who study the writings of the holy Arizal – Rabbi Yitzchak Luria – as taught by his pupil Rabbi Chaim Vital, especially in his work Shaar HaGilgulim (the Gate of Reincarnations) will certainly know that there are many mysteries behind the process of souls entering bodies. As the soul enters, different powers are given to it to use in this world. Each of us has some sort of different brain power – as well as a variety of other powers (Kochot). The video below is just a snapshot of one person’s powerful brain – a gift from God.

We should never take any of our gifts from God for granted. While some express themselves with exceptional physical powers, others express exceptional mental powers. We don’t quite understand why this should be so – that one person have certain gifts over another – but it is certainly true.

In the Torah world – in days gone by, a man marrying off his daughter would test his prospective son-in-law with a famous test known as the pin-prick test. He would take a Gemara at random, stick a pin through one of the letters, and ask his prospective son-in-law to tell him all the letters that the pin had gone through! Some people would laugh at the possibility of this being a reality – but even from a video as below – we can certainly see how many are capable of such things. In Torah however, it was all about studying Torah and knowing the law. It wasn’t just some sort of trick – or something to impress others with regarding every day things.

Outstanding Torah giants such as Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, Rabbi Eliezer Yehuda Waldenberg and really all the outstanding Poskim (decisors [those who decide] of Jewish law) as well as the numerous Chassidic leaders throughout the generations clearly show their mastery of every single area of Jewish law – much like they literally see every single book open in front of their eyes continually! It is actually an amazing experience to read their responsa and stand in awe at the abundance of material which is quoted – clearly from memory! Having a good memory is a huge plus in the world of studying Torah. Having a photographic one – stands you in line in becoming one of the next leaders in Jewish law in that generation!

I leave you to enjoy the video below which amazes us – and must encourage us to value every gift we have. We should strive to use our gifts for the good, to helping others wherever we can, for bringing goodness to the world and for our own self-growth too!

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