The Crow and the Kitten – Both are Beautiful…


I am beyond excited when I see videos like this (see below)! I think they teach about life itself! They teach us – what we should already know as people. They teach us that we’re different, but that it doesn’t mean we have to be segregated from each other – let alone show animosity one to the other!

Certainly there are distinctions. One person may be a doctor, and another an electrician. One may have a very high IQ and another may not. One may have a large build, while another may be petite. These are qualities, characteristics and physical attributes that define something about us and why we are different. Let’s be clear, it doesn’t mean we have to melt into each other – as the common cliche speaks about the melting pot. What it does mean however, is that we need to value each other for who we are. We need to recognise the needs of others – as much as we recognise our own needs. We need others to value that in ourselves too! We need to be less judgmental and far more kind – even when everything just doesn’t seem to indicate it…


Being different does not detract from our being able to give to each other and to regard the other as an entity to themselves with the same needs as the other. Though it may that at the same time period – one may need a blanket in the winter, while the other a fan in the summer, times change, and before one knows it, things are just the opposite! We often think we are always right and believe everything about us is at it should be for others too – otherwise there is something wrong with the other.

This is not a Godly concept by any means. God is Infinite. When we base or assumptions on particular models of how we think things should be – we create a physical god – something finite. Something limited by our own minds. God – Infinity – can handle everything…

Rather, we need to realise, that no matter how different we are, and no matter how much we are entitled to be ourselves with our own ways, we must recognise the other as someone else in need, be there for them whenever we can, and do whatever we can for them (certainly if we have the means to do so!) The Torah teaches us that had it not been for the Torah, we would be able to learn all of life’s lessons from the animals of the world. Indeed – there are an infinite amount of animals to learn from too… and just because we don’t see them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. We would need to search the world – until we could learn all of life’s lessons!

From the cat, we could learn about modesty! From the ant, industry! It’s time to learn about life now. It’s time to learn that being different doesn’t mean having to segregate from the other with any type of negative behaviour. On the contrary, being different just means we have the ability to experience ourselves as we are, while using whatever abilities we have to help the other!

Who better to learn such lessons from than a crow… and a cat – because they are both beautiful!

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